The Day That Never Comes Literal Video

Youtube wouldnt let me upload this. Its a literal video. I suck at singing.Heres the lyrics:Watch us move aroundHead sorta hung downHe lifts his vestNapkin on his woundGuy looks aroundDust flies over usshoves his head toward the groundwatch lars on the drumswaves a guy THEN THE GUY RUNS OVERRRRstares of shockingnesswhos he calliiiiiingthen he stands up and runs awaaayyyMOTHER FUCKAA DONT DIE ON MEEEEEGonna set down and aim his gunTouch him on the shoulderwatch him slump over look there he goeshow far will he gono one really knowsDONT DROOL ON YOUR VEST!Itll make a big messour sillouttes dancehe pulls him BACK UP BY HIS VESTsinging in a sand stormhes dragging him awaaayill just stare in the camer-uhhhhhred smoke flies over themthese are bullets of revengelook up and stare to the sidelight from behind makes us darkI scream in the micgettin my shit readythis is how I walk when I am pissed offfinger circlesNOW WE DRIVENOW WE DRIVEDRIVE A ROUUUUUUND