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Posted by woodlandbeam on Jul. 01, 2013

Woodland Beam was founded by a group of master carpenters who had been training in Arizona for over a decade and had witnessed firsthand the effects of the dryness on wood beams on ceilings. Many beautiful, decorative ceilings were completely ruined by the twisting and cracking of wood when the summer heat and dryness hit it. Intent on finding a better solution, these carpenters began experimenting with kiln dried lumber, trying to find a perfect jointing process that was invisible to the naked eye and resulted in a hollow, three-sided beam that was 100% indistinguishable from a conventional solid core beam. Tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours later, Woodland Beams was born. Woodland Custom Beam Company - Mike Capuzzo 4107 E. Ashler Hills Drive Cave Creek, Arizona 85331 Office: 480-575-6758 Fax: 480-575-2716 Website: Blog:

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