The Craziest Guy on the Internets!

Posted by officialComedy on Nov. 16, 2010

A light hearted look at one of the crazier guys on the internet. 1) Im on a mission from God (check) 2) Aliens are Angels (check) 3) Aliens are the offspring of Angels (check) 4) Aliens are genetically hydridized fusions, created by Angels by mixing a) human and insects (praying mantis kind) (check) b) human and apes (the black dwarf) (check) c) human and reptile (check) 5) He has been visited by angels. For some unspecified reason this angel was a pretty black girl in her early 20s. (check) 6) The angel touched him, and now he has an itchy spot where the angel touched him, so it must have happened. (check) 7) Is heavily armed with a gun collection. (check) 8) Considers himself an highly intelligent and rational human (google Dunning--Kruger effect) ....and yeah, he wants to debate me...... hmmm (back away slowly, dont make eye contact!)

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