The Condom Drop Prank

Posted by sometimesIamNotSure on Jan. 19, 2014

This is my first public prank video. Sorry about the camera, I need a new crew. This is me putting some Trojans condoms in people's carts. Putting condoms in peoples carts, the condom drop prank. I will be doing more grocery store pranks like this and even better ones soon. Like, comment, and subscribe for more. As school approaches, so do new opportunities. I will be doing a new segment called Real Talk in which I pick a random student and they speak the truth. You can comment telling me to ask kids questions. I might even do How to Survive High School. Also, ideas for the 500 subscriber challenge. This channel has grown faster than I can grow into it, meaning I get more subscribers than viewers everyday. Please comment on my videos, or I won't make new videos. I need to know wat I can do to get your views. Share my videos, and join me kn Twitter from 6-8 pm on Monday nights. I play basketball and bowl in competitions. I bowl on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. My basketball games are on Saturday. I will work the videos into my schedule. If you want to see some school pranks, I am mor than willing to do some IF you comment. If you want, start a discussion in the comments below, go ahead. Anyways for the 500 subscriber challenge, just leave a comment below and I will pick the best suggestion. Like, comment, and of course, subscribe.

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