Posted by AmazingGordo on Jan. 03, 2011

NO CAMERA TRICKS, VIDEO EDITING, OR STOOGES WERE USED IN CREATING THIS ILLUSION! THIS ILLUSION TOOK OVER SIX YEARS TO DEVELOP! It was a freezing cold Halloween 2010, but it was the date I had chosen to attempt the grandest illusion I had ever undertaken- to vanish the C.N. Tower! Once at the location, I needed an audience. But finding people who would stand in the cold to watch me do it was harder than I thought. After a while, I finally found a nice young couple and their baby, who agreed to watch a couple of my effects. The weather was still against me though, and even if the illusion was successful, the cold, wet conditions would likely ruin my carefully planned results in any event. But I had come too far to back out now! I was going to go for it!!

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