The Cleaner on A&E New Episode- “Standing Eight” Sept. 1 at ...

Posted by aevideos on Aug. 27, 2009

In this week’s episode of The Cleaner on A&E, an attorney seeks Williams help in getting a champion boxer with an alcohol problem clean in time for a big match. As William and his team help the boxer, they discover that his wife actually has a bigger problem with addiction than he does, but the boxer threatens William not to get near his wife or else... Stars Benjamin Bratt, Esteban Powell, Amy Price-Francis, and Grace Park. Guest Henry Simmons, Paola Turbay, Sarah Carter, Greg Germann and Jack McGee. Catch new episodes of The Cleaner, Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT on A&E. Become a Facebook Fan of The Cleaner More information available at

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