Posted by breakniks on Oct. 17, 2009

sold your soul was preformed by the breakniks. and was a breaknik productions presentation. breakniks sold your soul is the 7th track on a 10 track c.d entitled breakniks not bombs!!!. The Video- A cinamatic gem. Sometimes [dare i say]visual stunning. Caputuring a bedraggled John Belushi in his final film roll [deadly prey] before he sadly died in 1987 of glue addiction and seagulls. Mocked by fellow actors for not preforming his own stunts in the 1989 classic K-9 and later on in the animal house, Beliushi takes on every stunt in this film...and means it ! [the falling over the log/being hit by the grenade]. Plus, a rare and equally breif [brandoesk apocalipse now] appearence by dr.patterson [the orb] as colonel;hogan. Also if i could just mention that im glad all that buisness about my grandaughter being banged by Jonathan Ross and Russel Brand has finaly blown over, and that i can now ,at last, return my life back to some sort of normality. peace.....- Andrew Sacks.

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