The Bosnian Pyramids- The Biggest Hoax In History? Trailer 1

Posted by Jurgen-Deleye-594 on May. 27, 2011

- Unraveling the secrets of the Bosnian Pyramids - In this exiting documentary youll join a small team to the Bosnian city Visoko. Theyve heard of a man called Semir Sam Osmanagich. He claims to have discovered old huge pyramids, a vast network of underground tunnels and a ancient tumulus. For more than four days he guided our team around, in search of proof of his claims. The Bosnian Indiana Jones, as Osmanagich is nicknamed, promised to show our camera crew the best places. So it would be definitive once and for all that there really are pyramids in the Bosnian Visoko-valley. But are there? Or is it the biggest hoax in history? More info on- http-//

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