This is an amazing video!! (I hope I never have to attempt to land a plane in this kind of shape. -----LOL) This actually happened at an air show in Argentina on October 31, 2008. There is no trick photography....what you see is the way it really happened. Obviously the pilot exceeded the load limit for the airplane and caused the wing to break off.....or the plane had an unrecognized structural defect. In the US, stunt pilots are required to wear parachutes for just these rare occasions. If the pilot was wearing a parachute, it probably would have been better to bail out, but he may not have been high enough for a safe opening. It is amazing that he was able to land this plane --- and walk away! Chuck Yeager (first test pilot to break the sound barrier, among other things) always said, "If you can walk away from a landing, it was a good landing. If you can fly the plane the next day, it was a great landing." I guess this would qualify as a "good landing." Amazing!!!