The Banker and The Poodle

Posted by oneeyejimandthetwins on Sep. 13, 2011

One Eye Jim doing an original comedy song (lyrics and chords below) *** Artist: One Eye Jim & the Twins Album: Here I Come Song: The Banker and the Poodle *** [capo 7th] [D]My banker was a weird ol cat I knew, he was [G]known for touchin dogs where their privates grew. I[A]guess he liked to launch red [D]rockets. Well every now and then hed come around, while walkin his poodle out about the town Thinkin incorrectly we enjoyed his company. He didnt really mind that his dog was blind, hed crouch down low and sneak up behind And tap that poor thing on the nuts. Well, tonight he thought hed get extra freaky, so he[G]got real close to his dogs buttcheekies And goosed that thing awake with his tongue. Some of us thought that was goin too far, but other folk among us just egged him on To see, well, to see what he would do. There were [G]sounds of grunting, groaning, moaning, and muf[D]fled cries. And [G]whispy little whimpers wafting upward to the [D]sky, Cuz [A]somethin done got stuck [G]w

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