The Backshop Show - Season One Trailer

Posted by Tigheland on Jun. 05, 2009

Follows the antics of a bumbling 20-something and his friends as they attempt to maintain the freedom of youth while tackling the responsibility of running a struggling golf course.The Backshop Show is set on the Kitchen Creek golf course. The lush greenery of the boreal rainforest surrounds 18 fairways and the clubhouse comes complete with driving range, banquet hall, bar, and patio. Much of the action takes place in the backshop where Roy and Pauly argue about money, PP brags about pwning noobs in World of Warcraft, and Mandy counts out her cash tips and searches Google Maps for her next international travel destination. The idiosyncrasies of the game of golf and of the course itself reflect the nature of these characters and are tools used to highlight conflicts and comedy.Roy inherited the course from his grandfather who wanted to make the place welcoming to anyone who wanted to play the game of golf. In his way, Roy attempts to carry on that tradition - though perhaps in more extreme ways. Roys ...

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