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Posted by lakeishamcknight on Jul. 11, 2013

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Get Your Professional Speaker System-in-a-book- http-// The Art of Public Speaking- How to Get Started as a Public Speaker [1-47] Tip #1- Put on Virtual Events such as teleseminars, webinars or presentation that does not necessarily require you to be in front of a camera you can actually be in front of a computer or a behind a telephone [2-13] The key is getting you speaking. And people can pay you to speak over a phone or in front of a computer. [2-50] Make sure you have a strategy or a plan on how to structure that particular event. [3-18] Content filled, give them above and beyond what they came for because then they will think he/she blow it out of the park and I'm definitely coming back for more. [3-37] Tip #2- Putting an event on your own. [4-40] Putting an event on your own can be fun and a little bit stressful but it's definitely a way to get started in your speaking career. [4-49] Tip #3- Calling Local Schools or Local Organizations. [5-15] Call a local school or organization that will allow you to speak a certain topic. Make sure it is in the right time. [5-27] It all involves strategy and courage being able to do the next step and picking up the phone and making it happen. [5-35] Ask the question, do not be afraid. Fear does not exist. [5-50] Make sure that fear is not hindering you from getting started even if you are fearful. Guess what fear doesn't last always. ___________________________ Need a Speaker for your Next event? Book Lakeisha- http-// Need a Speaking Coach- http-// Connect with Lakeisha- Twitter- http-// Facebook- https-// Linkedin- http-// Pinterest- http-// Lakeisha does book reviews on her show. Would you like your book reviewed? Mail it to- Lakeisha McKnight Enterprises P.O. Box 9793 Chesapeake, VA 23321

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