The Amber Dance - (parody hip hop dance song)

Keeping with his usual attempt to try ideas that are popular and get lots of views on the internet, The Mighty Dynastys King Drell was listening in on Miss Amber telling her little sister Miss Ashley about how she shouldnt like those real down south hip hop dance songs that make up a dance and put it with mindless lyrics. King Drell realized that those type of videos are popular so he decided to make up a dance and put it to some mindless lyrics. The good thing for him is that Miss Amber already does a goofy dance that we call the Amber Dance so he based the song around that. Dem Franchize Boyz, DJ Unk, and Soulja Boy have been famous by making dance songs so he will do what it takes, including making Miss Amber and Ashley try it with him (as usual). Will it finally work for him? We will have to see. So check out Miss Ambers new rap dance craze video.