The All Seeing Eye Of Providence, Madrid Palace, Palace De Luxem

Posted by John-Clipsters-803 on Dec. 31, 2012

The All Seeing Eye Of Providence and the Hadron Collider. Perfect Triangle Zones in Europe, shown on Google Earth Map in this video. Madrid Palace, Palace De Luxembourg & The Vatican St Peters, these buildings all link up in a huge triangle configuration, this just cant be by chance. Illuminati symbols at Paris Airport. The Conspiracy that is the Hadron Collider. The unusual triangle Grid linking Madrid, The Vatican and Paris. Paris, Madrid & Rome in a Perfect Alignment, once a part of the old order of power, this white triangle exists but is just a cultural body of the blue triangle. The real power comes from the modern blue triangle grouping. London, Paris and Brussels are the major living centres for the Illuminati. music is Digi State http-// licence- http-//

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