The Alex Jones Show Report on KLBJ - February 3, 2008 PT 8 of 8

Posted by AlexJonesChannel on Jan. 18, 2009 In this report filmed live from the studios of KLBJ, Alex discusses how the Democrats and Republicans are two brands of the same poison, emphasized by so-called "conservative" Ann Coulter's endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. Also in this report, Alex discusses the warnings of top financial analysts who are encouraging people to buy storable food and firearms in the anticipation of a major future economic collapse as the government and media softballs the crisis by discussing the potential of a mere recession. The damage that sodium fluoride has inflicted upon the IQ levels of the population is also covered. Alex explains how geniuses have been reduced to the level of average intellect and average people have been reduced to having the intellect of morons.

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