The 'Air Car' a Vehicle that Delivers 100 MPG

Posted by livinggreen on Oct. 21, 2008

Hey everyone, I'm Elizabeth Chambers and you're watching LivingGreenChannel.Com, your source for living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Prices at the gas pumps are still frustratingly high, and many car makers are looking for the next design break through that will deliver the most miles per gallon. French Car engineering firm MDI may have just found the solution that trumps hybrids, electric vehicles, and even bio fuel... cars fuled by air! MDI's system, designed by a former race car engineer, uses compressed air the same way that a locomotive uses steam to power the pistons in an engine. Unbelievably, the company claims their car can get an outrageous 106 miles per gallon using the technology. American car maker Zero Pollution Motors is the first US company to make a deal with MDI to produce the cars, and they have promised to put out a model by 2010 that will have a sticker price of less than 18,000 dollars. The planned American model would seat six, have a maximum speed of 90 miles per hour, and could ...

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