The Adventures of Jesus #2

Posted by Studio8 on Jul. 11, 2011

Jesus encounters a demon-possessed man and puts his miracle-making powers to the test! This is part of an animated series that promotes a new interactive, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure kind of book called You Are the Messiah, in which you guide Jesus Christ through various Bible adventures! Its written by one of Studio 8s founders, Brock LaBorde, and you can visit for more fun videos and info about how, where, and why to buy the book. This video voiced, written, edited, and produced by Brock LaBorde. Music and produced by John Lambremont. Animation by Eric Brochu. ------------------ FOLLOW us on TWITTER! Jesus: Brock: ------------------- FAN us on FACEBOOK! ------------------- OUR WEBSITES!

Categories Pop Culture

Tags demon, holy, humor, angel, christian, interactive, possessed, exorcism, choice, studio8, quest, jesus christ, brock laborde, you are the messiah, choose your own adventure

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