The 8th Grader Forced To Tell Entire School That Shes Pregnant

Posted by deathsreply on Mar. 10, 2012

A 15-year-old New Mexico teen was kicked out of school then publicly humiliated all because she was pregnant, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. Court papers filed in US District Court by the ACLU on behalf of Shantelle Hicks, who is in the eighth grade at Wingate Elementary School in McKinley, N.M., said when school officials found out she was pregnant, they first booted her out of school. Because the school, which brags on its website that it provides SUCCESS FOR ALL of our students receives public funding, discriminating against a pregnant student is illegal. Four days later, after the ACLU of New Mexico sent the school a letter, she was allowed back in — but not exactly welcomed with open arms, according to the suit

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