The $25.00 Dodecahedron Game Show - Disabled Puppet Theatre

Posted by DPTKids on Nov. 09, 2012

http-// Watch as Harelip, Helmet Kid, Pinhead and Blind Kid compete on the classic TV game show, The $25.00 Dodecahedron! (Note- This is the second upload of this video; we had to fix a slight glitch with the first copy!) The hit comedy series Disabled Puppet Theatre (DPT) is the brainchild of two comedy veterans with over 20 years of experience, and it will quite possibly offend you in ways you never thought possible. New full episodes of DPT - Disabled Puppet Theatre return March 7, 2013; Inbetweenies air every Thursday! DPT, Disabled Puppet Theatre, and all logos, music and characters are copyright and trademark 2012 by 10,000 Hours. All rights reserved. https-//

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