Thanksgiving Dinner For Under $30 with Melissa d’Arabian

Posted by newsinfusion on Nov. 20, 2009

For more info visit www.newsinfusion.comWorried that your Thanksgiving grocery bill is getting fatter while the meal is getting leaner? Last year, the cost for the foods to prepare the typical Thanksgiving dinner went up nearly 6 percent, and prices are steadily rising. But even if you’re watching every penny, you don’t have to cut corners on the big holiday dinner with help from Walmart! Melissa d’Arabian is the winner of this year’s The Next Food Network Star and host of the new Food Network show Ten Dollar Dinners. She has solutions for preparing a holiday meal with all the fixings. And she says you can do it all for under $20…with $10 devoted to a few extra touches. Melissa offers tips that cover every aspect of the festive meal while keeping it under budget. She’ll offer tips on creating a meal that includes side dishes, dessert, wine, and of course turkey, while incorporating signatures twists on classic favorites that will make Thanksgiving feel extra-special. An extra special ...

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