Thailand Detox Part 6: Detox Drinks & Supplements

Posted by jeannechung on Dec. 28, 2009 - Welcome to Absolute Sanctuary on Koh Samui island in Thailand!As part of the cleansing process at Absolute Sanctuary, our guests are served daily Detox Drinks.These detox drinks contain a mixture of psyllium fiber (for bulk), bentonite clay, water, and fresh fruit juice. Psyllium helps to flush out impacted fecal matter lodged in your colon, and Bentonite clay acts as an absorbing agent drawing toxins out of your system so they can be swiftly eliminated. We use 100% psyllium husk and seed without any fillers or stimulants. Using the husk and seed increases the bulking effect and ability to move waste through the intestinal tract. The collodial bentonite we use has been purified and specially processed to increase its natural ability to draw toxins from the body.So to make it simple, the bentonite clay draws out the toxins, and the psyllium fiber flushes them out of the body. Thailand Detox: http://www.AbsoluteSanctuary.comThe Detox Drinks are

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