Thai American cabbie kills with sword because of $ 3.60

Posted by NADOBRS on Jul. 08, 2013

A taxi driver in Bangkok, Thailand, is accused of killing an American with a samurai sword because of $ 1.60 (U.S. $ 3.60). The Thai Chidchai Utmacha, 32, confessed to attacking Troy Lee Pilkington, 51, with the instrument. The crime was recorded by a security camera, and the pictures ended up on the internet. According to the American newspaper New York Post, Utmacha chased Pilkington when it refused to pay a $ 1.60 cab fare. The driver told police that the American accused of tampering with the meter, and out of the car racing. The Thai also said Pilkington threw coffee on it after discussion. The American lived in Thailand for three years. The driver was identified with the help of the security camera, and arrested on Sunday. Besides murder, Utmacha is also accused of carrying a weapon (sword) in public, without any reasonable cause.

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