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You can own the new and improved version of Tetris With Lyrics in crystal-clear CD quality on the brentalfloss CD, available at bit.ly Buy the brentalfloss t-shirt at screwattackstore.com By the way, for all of you who prefer to get offended by everything that crosses your path, please know that this video is a joke. I just think it's interesting that women tend to love puzzle games more than men. Ya turds. LYRICS ONE TWO THREE FOUR Shapes made of four colored blocks like a T or a box Come down like falling bricks You can place them in rows, but everybody knows That they made this game for chicks (HEY!) Mom just loves to flip and stack Grandma says this shit is like crack! (Well it is!) This is the game girls deserve, there is no learning curve Which makes it great for noobs It will fill you with glee, especially if you have a vaj and boobs (HEY!) Your mom loves it Mine does too Call me sexist, bitch it's still true (just kidding about the bitch part) Deep in a girl's dainty brain, there's a spot near a vein

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