Terrible Things Teens Gone Wild Sled Fail

Posted by CherokeeTurner1 on Mar. 28, 2011

We all wish that it would always stay winter when you can drink, sled and have a great time... But for this Underage drinker the concrete is apparently good enough or Rebecca Black was probably at this party. From what we saw at the party we were at he had somwhere around 20 jello shots.. but im not going to give away all the information that easy! Check out The All new Episode of Terrible Things This Tuesday March 29th 2011 For an amazing on location episode! Watch This Kid Do His Sled / Sledding Fail as well as some other horrible horrible things that we saw at this party. And Make sure to tell all your friends about it! Check us out on facebook! www.facebook.com/avidproductions479

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