Terrible Things Mountain Dew Flavored Vodka Review

Posted by CherokeeTurner1 on Mar. 16, 2011

We here at Terrible Things have decided to do an amazing alcohol related review. What Alcohol you ask? Three Olives The Dude Lemon Lime flavored vodka AKA Mountain Dew Flavored Vodka. So we were really in for a surprise when we opened up this bottle. Not only were we expecting it to be just another crappy bottle of vodka but also not to taste that good. Oh boy were we wrong! The Vodka was one of the best we had ever tasted And the flavor was very good. It was very smooth and you really didnt need a chaser for the first few shots. We ended up taking it upstairs to the test chamber where we watched The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. Now that movie we might as well just did a review over... because it was horrible. Either way we got through the movie and the vodka was still amazing. Check us out on facebook! www.facebook.com/avidproductions479

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