Terrible Things Kids and Their Under Age Drinking Review Share t

Posted by CherokeeTurner on Mar. 29, 2011

Normally on Terrible Things we do a product review but for this week we have a whole new terrible thing to review... and that is Kids Underage Drinking. Now you know you have been to one of these types of parties before where you really feel out of place... and a lot older than the people around you... The party we went to was hosted by a mutual friend of ours who is actually older than us but come to find out the demographic that was their wow.. was not. Some of the amazing drunkin characters we met at the party include - Snookie, The Double Jointed Guy, The way to Drunk for His Own Good Guy, The Irishman, and The Cast of Jersey Shore. We hope you enjoy this all new episode of Terrible Things because we know we did. The footage from this party was taken over the span from 11-30 P.M. - 2-30 A.M. The moral of the story is if you invite one high school kid to your party they will invite the rest of their friends until you are stuck with a hideously out numbered underage drunk crowd and a Bill from your Local Po

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