Termites eat into Chinese woman's savings.

Posted by Natali-Stefanova-816 on Jun. 12, 2013

An elderly lady in southern China has lost all her savings to termites. The £42,000-worth of cash was given to the woman by her children six months ago. But instead of depositing the money in the bank, she wrapped it up in a plastic bag and stored it in a wooden drawer in her house, according to the state-run CCTV channel. The unlucky lady, whose identity has not been released, only realised her cash had been munched through by termites in April when she opened the drawer to take out some money to pay for decorating work. In a panic, she took the banknotes - which had all been damaged - to a local bank in the hope that they could be still identified. After several rounds of scanning and comparing, the bank managed to verify around £35,000. However, that means the old lady has still lost 15% of her savings. Android phone services, android appz, Free credit check, free credit auto Android phone,services,android appz,Free credit check,free credit auto,free financial,planner,free online financial planner free financial planner software,free financial budget planner,personal financial literacy,financial literacy,personal financial literacy passport personal financial literacy textbook,financial literacy for kids,free financial planning,free financial plan,financial planning financial planning association,financial planning magazine,free financial advise,financial advisers,financial adviser,financial advising,free financial advising,free financial aid,financial websites,financial planning,software financial,planning,federal financial aidfree financial planners

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