Telekom Local Support Wakeboard Challenge, 24.07.2010, Turncable

Posted by Millhaus on Jul. 30, 2010

We had a nice day at the Turncable in Thannhausen/Germany. The Telekom Local Support Wakeboard Challenge took place and Germanys best wakeboarder came along...Here are some clips! Enjoy!Results:Pro:1st: Pokovec & Georgii GmbH und Co. KG - Felix Georgii and Robert Pokovec2nd: Hamburgs Finest - Tom Richter and Frederic von Osten3rd: Team Obstixx - Benjamin Sae-Chong and Miles T?llerAmateurs:1st: Pusteblume - Lasse Maas and Bastian Br?ggemann2nd: Durchschnitt - Guido Winter and Thorsten Bernecker3rd: Becks Gold to Blind - Marijan Mustac and Hendrik JanssenFelix Georgii and Miles T?ller showed the best runs of the day and qualified for the Telekom Extreme Playgrounds on August 29,th, 2010 in Hamburg/Pinneberg.

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