Techniques of Kung Fu with Master Gomes Neto

Term KUNG FU is applied to the Chinese martial arts has centuries and means " work ?rduo". Generically, the term Kung Fu still can be translated as “time and effort unfastened in an activity” or degree of perfection reached in any area of performance” or “deep knowledge of a subject”. This description if incases in the involved severities in the practical learning and of the Chinese martial arts. Of a student of Kung Fu if it waits practical the diligent one. This must involve faith, resistance, and much tiring e, to the times, painful hours of training. Combining this the high standards of moral, character and discipline mental, give to the student a very arduous way to follow. Other terms in the Chinese martial arts exist: " chuan shu" (first art), " wu shu" (martial art), " kuo shu" (national art). However, none of these terms so obtained to be popularized and to be known as " Kung Fu".