taylor swift stands in awe of madison square garden

Posted by scarletviolett on Sep. 15, 2009

1. M.S.G. stands for madison square garden2. this was after she performed tim mcgraw & people were cheering and just kept getting louder and louder. shes in awe because shes taking in the fact that she sold out madison square garden in one minute, and has all of these fans there supporting her.3. we realize she does this at every show. she also sings all the same songs at every show, but people still put up youtube videos from their concerts even though other people have the same video. why cant we?4. so what if she does this at every show!? she loves her fans! she happens to be taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate them during her shows. whats wrong with that? there were plenty of other times during the show where she truly seemed blown away. we happen to have another video of her talking about when she was little and dreamed of the day she could play at madison square garden.i will remember this night for as long as i live. i will never forget what you just did for me.madison square garde

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