Taylor Squared Update -Swift & Lautner Dating History

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

Twitter.com - Follow Us! Taylor Squared is everywhere-clevvertv is breaking down Hollywood's hottest new couple alert. So are Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner just friends, or is something more going on between the twosome? Hey guys-I'm Joslyn Davis for clevvertv-and today we're looking at the timeline between the two Taylors. First up, the pair met while working together on Valentine's Day. Pictures of the duo kissing on set during a scene, were what first set the entertainment world afire, and had everyone hoping that they'd take the romance off-screen. But then they laid low for a few months. Then we saw the duo onstage together at the MTV vma's where Lautner presented Swift with her big award... which we all know turned into the story heard 'round the world due to Kanye West's innapropriate behavoir. But the rumors really caught a spark when Lautner was seen in the audience at Swift's recent concert in Chicago, where she exited the stage to give him a hug...or embrace...the jury is still out on what exact

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