Taper Haircut -Blend Hair w/ Clippers Cutting Hair Technique

http://www.scissorboy.com/For more FREE hair styling tips on a Taper Haircut, Blending Hair with hair clippers and tapered Cutting Hair Techniques visit: http://www.scissorboy.com/The hardest part about a Taper Haircut is the blending of the haircut. If using hair clippers in this cutting hair technique its easier using the reverse blending technique.The blending is the hardest part of the cut, and Ivan shows you a trick technique called reverse blending, which eliminates the hardest part of the cut. If you get good at this, you can build business anywhere in America with solid haircutting skills.This is what Ivan calls classic barbering 101, so watch the video because you are in for a rare treat.Taper Haircut, Taper Hair Cut, Hair Clippers, blending hair, blend hair, short haircut, hair styling tips, cutting hair technique, clipper cut