Talking Kitten Sounds Like a Baby Lamb

Posted by KittyCatBliss on Jul. 11, 2012

Please subscribe -) Visit our website Bella sounds like a little sheep saying baaah to us most of the time. And she LOVES to talk. Mostly when shes sleeping, shell all of a sudden look up at me and talk and want to be petted then go back to sleep. This time though, I woke her up so I could get her voice on camera. Dont worry she went right back to sleep. And a huge Thanks to my mom for getting this cat tree for the kitties! They love it! Expect to see some really cute videos of them playing on it in the near future. They both get pretty wild! Thanks for watching! Did you know that theres a Kitty Cat Bliss blog? Check it out for stories, behind the scenes info, and crazy funny pics. http-// Video and Kitty Cat Bliss Theme Song copyright 2012 Tiffany Mullins. Music- Kitty Cat Bliss Theme Song by Tiffany Mullins

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