Taliban spring offensive now in full swing

Posted by grimghost on Apr. 03, 2013

Sergeant Michael Cable was killed by an Afghan teenager in eastern Afghanistan last Wednesday. He was playing with some kids when a 16 year old boy came from behind and stabbed him in the neck. The assailant quickly joined the Taliban. Cable was the 14th U-S soldier died in March -- making it the deadliest month for U-S forces so far this year. But it is not all over. The fighting season has just begun. During winter time, bombings are rarely heard here because militants mostly stay inside their sanctuaries on the Pakistani side of the border. Now most of them are back. And they have launched a spring offensive. But why are they still a threat? Taliban are also a serious threat to Afghan forces -- although they are killed in large numbers, their checkpoints are targeted and Their convoys are hit by roadside bombs. Their headquarters are also now stormed. But their morale remains high. They want to improve their skills to take the lead of the overall security of this country. So nowadays all ey

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