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Tomato Pinky White Mask Grapeseed Oily Control Balance Mask Lemon Honey Radiant and Refine Mask In recent years, the type of mask that made from Bio-Cellulose has becoming more popular. They are generally used for Medical purpose, in particular for treating burn wound and as artificial blood vessel. While another material, Micro Fabric, is an improved type developed basing from the foundation of Bio-Cellulose structure. Below listed are 3 of its characteristics:• Completely Adhesive: Mask made from Micro Fabric is about 5 times more elastic than from Non-woven fabric• Enhanced Absorbency: Mask made from Micro Fabric is more skin-adhesive, facilitating permeation of essence, and increasing absorbency by 30%. • Rapid Moisture Retention: Unlike the non-woven mask that leaves skin dry after apply, mask that made from Micro Fabric is of lower water absorbency which enables essence to fully release to skin.

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