'Syringe' - A SATO 48 Film (2008)

"Syringe" is a short 5 minute film from Tempest Pictures which participated in the Springfield and the Ozarks 48 Hour Film Competition in 2008. Participants were given an "Inspiration Package" in which to use to create a short film in under 48 hours. Parts of this package included mentioning and including several props from the Liberty Bank, and focusing on the subject of doing more with less and the tragedy of squandering riches. Austin McConnell, Vincent Rouse, Alex Lair, Lance Little. At the Rising Star Awards Ceremony on May 16, 2008; "Syringe" walked home with an astounding amount of awards and nominations. The director would like to thank everyone involved in making this movie great. -------------------- Winner- BEST DIRECTION (SATO 48 - 2008) Winner- BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY (SATO 48 - 2008) Winner- BEST MALE PERFORMANCE (SATO 48 - 2008) Winner- BEST EDITING (SATO 48 - 2008) Winner- BEST SOUND (SATO 48 - 2008) -- Nominee- BEST DIRECTION (SATO 48 - 2008) Nominee- BEST SCREENWRITING (SATO 48 - 2008) Nominee-