Sylva Corporation

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Sylva Corporation and its affiliate, Wood Chip of Princeton have been in the forest products business for over 13 years. In addition to landscape mulches, we produce bedding for the dairy and poultry industry, engineered wood fiber for playground surfacing, and prepared wood fuel for alternative energy markets. Our direct link to the natural resource insures a consistent, uninterrupted supply that when joined with our modern storage, production, and transportation capabilities, allows us to provide product to our clients when and where needed.We are the leader in decorative landscape mulches in the Minnesota region. Our ability to provide a complete line of consistent, high quality mulches enables our clients to choose a product that meets their specific needs and desires.Sylva Mulches are the best choice for the environment. The SylvaSafe Assurance provides peace of mind that the products received are manufactured with the best practices to ensure safety not only for the environment, but also for the consume

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