sweaty Palms and Sweaty Armpits Preventative Treatment by Fred .

http://www.SweatyPalmsNYC.com - Addressing the embarrassing problem of sweaty palms, sweaty under arms. Dr. Lajam is a trusted expert that you can contact directly at 212-772-8091 or 877-337-1707. Dr. Lajam has perfected a procedure to eliminate the problem of excessive sweating in the hands and arm pits. A minimally invasive procedure that takes 30 minutes. 95% of his patients return home 3 hours following surgery. For sweaty armpits, a small incision is made under the arms bilaterally. The second and third ganglia are ablated and the immediate result is an elevation in the temperature of the hand. Hands and armpits become dry immediately. The most often asked question is, is this a permanent fix? And the answer is, yes. Dr. Lajam provides answers to all you questions during the office visit. The benefits are significant...most important among them is the psychological boost you gain throughout your daily life. Every aspect of your life becomes better and more enjoyable because the embarrassment of sweat