Swap Monitor Screens with Change Primary Monitor in a Dual setup

Change Primary Monitor allows one to divert/swap the screen, shown on a primary monitor, onto a secondary monitor with a better view and higher resolution. This means that the icons, taskbar, the start menu, etc, except the wallpaper background from the primary monitor are diverted/swapped to the secondary monitor. The wallpaper background of the secondary monitor can be the same or different.This video will show one how to divert/swap screens between monitors using Change Primary Monitor from the MurGeeMon software utility.Download the software utility MurGeeMon from http://www.murgee.com/MurGeeMon/ and lauch the application. An icon for the utility will appear in the system tray. Right clicking on the icon presents a selection of Change Primary Monitor. On selecting this, one will see that the screen contents (icons, taskbar, start menu) from the monitor have been diverted/swapped to the other monitor. Right clicking once again on the icon in the system tray , select Change Primary Monitor to