Suzie reads The South Side of Chicago

Posted by hartistry on May. 15, 2009

The South Side of ChicagoWhence those childhood years were spentSkip-walking upon grimacing cracked sidewalksHastening through filth floored garbage canned flanked alleyways to--The forlorn house--windows weeping chrystalline shards-- cascading glass tears"Property Condemned" blared in scarlet on the door."Someone lives there" it was said,"the man who gathers things from the garbage cans"The pebble strewn church yard, where, in prickly winter, scarved boys coerce the bell to toll with swift flung snowballs catapaulted to a shivering bell tower.The South Side of Chicago,The year of the big church fireThat day it did burn and clawAt the hot black night sky.People gathered, assembled in solemnityAghast, huddled and shoving to seeThat hallowed place whose torrentsOf Sundays serenities and dressupsNow would no longer be.The South Side of ChicagoThere, the swill darkened tavernThat nightly gulped down shadow faced spectresA lad cries out, "the bar, someone stabbed in the head, come

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