Surfing Pool Spider

Surfing Pool Spider SAVED UNLIKE Eight Belles! If people would have respect for life even a simple spider as this one we discovered in our pool, that we did not kill,... More? unlike that poor horse that they took the life of that horse was beautiful and did not have to be killed. Insane once lifted tarp to get a start on the rain we would get again I found this spider inside I thought he was dead until I used the edge of a potted plant that broke off to poke him, then with all his will he swam this black spider then surfed on a twig I placed in the pool then swam some more and he fell off the stick then that did not work so I placed another twig in there that he latched onto. Needless to say, although the spider may have had a couple broken ankles like the Derby Horse I did not kill him, instead I brought him to safety after my kids and I watched him. PETA would be proud of us for that, well yeah.