Supporting Snow Peas and Beans with The Veggie Cage plant suppor

Posted by oaksled on Jul. 24, 2009

Our Veggie Cage will transform the way you garden! We promise! Grow a row of snow peas using the Veggie Cage and youll never again grow them any other way! Install 2, 3 or more Veggie Cages close enough that the bottom rings are almost touching, then sow your seeds all around both the inside and outside of the ring, just slightly thicker than you normally would. Within a few weeks, youll have a virtual tower of snow peas, compact, upright, and extraordinarily easy to pick. Pole Beans Pole beans work beautifully on a Veggie Cage. If youre growing a row, we suggest positioning your Veggie Cages in a triangle or circle, depending on how many youre using. Just keep the Veggie Cage bottom rings right next to each other and sow your seeds the same as with growing snow peas. Sow your seeds all in and among the rings of the cages. The beans will climb up both the Veggie Cage rings and each other! Dont want to grow that many? You can grow just one nice, healthy little crop with a single Veggie Cage. Please visit www.v

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