Supermac18 - My Shiny Teeth and Me

Posted by TehAWESOMEshowTV on Nov. 19, 2010

Thanks to Dr. Goldman and Staff for all your help song- My Shiny Teeth and Me advise- Q- Does it hurt getting braces off? A-it doesnt hurt getting your braces off, well not for me. its simple, fast, and the excitement overpowers your pain -) Q- Does it hurt getting braces on? A-it doesnt hurt getting then ON, but right after you have them on it starts to move your teeth and you want to rip out your mouth at that point heres a tip, this is what i did, dont tell anyone ur getting ur braces off, just wait, when u get them off everyone will be so excited for u and surprised! i hope you like my new teeth!! just PLEASE dont make fun of my big teeth!! thankss

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