sUPEREDS realiy love song

hey break here is this weeks website writeup -sUPEREDS 263 weekly inteRnet video for jan 14 2012 titled sUPEREDS reality love song sUPERED the internet video artist/street performer/film editor/professional weird-0 billed as the 12th most strangest person on de internet re-releases one of his classic sUPERED videos from week 16 (feb. 3 2007) of the sUPEREDS weekly internet video series this video has sUPERED playing 1 of his semi oringnal songs (26%of the words were borrowed from a tune from the sixtys all the music and emotion and 74% of the words come from sUPEREDS soul and heart)you all can get the vibe from sUPEREDS street act when you watch this video enjoy smile IIIII1111IIIIIsUPERED 11412sUPERED-this video shows what i do best ---perform live with emotion and true feelings captureing the truth of the moment and projecting it to my audioence at the time of when i played the song i had a crush on sADE (the eyes on my chest are sADES)the song is a reality love song the brutal truths of love spoken f