Submarine Voyage--Disneyland History-523

Posted by DLDHistory on Sep. 04, 2008

Direct Link: The old and new names of the subs are: 301-Nautilus/Nautilus, 302-Neptune/Triton, 303-Sea Star/Seawolf, 304-Explorer/Skate, 305-Seeker/Skipjack, 306-Argonaut/George Washington, 307-Triton/Patrick Henry, 308-Sea Wolf/Ethan Allen Each sub originally cost $80,000 (in 2006 dollars that would be over $538,000), and were built at Todd Shipyards in San Pedro. Walt refered to his Subs as the Eighth Largest Submarine Fleet in the World. All are diesel/electric except for 304 which runs Compressed Natural Gas as a conservation and environmental test. Subs are 52 feet long. Displacement of 94,000 pounds. Capacity 38 9 million gallons of water are in the Lagoon (6.5 million) and Caverns (2.5 million) areas. In 2004 a test bed was setup in the lagoon to test the possiblity of a Finding Nemo overlay Complete video of Disneyland's Submarine Voyage available at

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