Student creates cover of Invisibility

Posted by NADOBRS on Jun. 14, 2013

According to John Howell, American physicist at the University of Rochester and creator of the "invisibility cloak", the system has low cost and is very simple and effective. To create the experiments, Howell had help son Benjamin, 14. The three systems created by physicist sought to demonstrate that it is possible to create an invisibility cloak that serves cheap and even for large objects. The first device is made with two containers acrylic L-shaped, both filled with water. The second has four lenses that cost only three dollars for a similar idea to the device created by a group of Cornell University. The third device, which is familiar to amateurs many magical is made with a set of mirrors low cost. The total expenditure on the three systems was U.S. $ 150 (equivalent to R $ 300). His only caveat, the authors say, is that the devices work only when the observer is facing them.

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