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Posted by breakawaydeke on Jun. 08, 2008

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We have strip club videos! Watch this dirty maid in one of our top strip cub videos clean this filthy gentleman’s club with her tits and ass. There are super gorgeous babes in this high end nudie bar. You dont have to go to some seedy strip bar or night club to watch this chick take off her clothes! This is the most premier titty bar in Vancouver, No. 5 Orange. This is the bar made famous by Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet album. If this strip club video is good enough for Bon Jovi it is good enough for you too, enjoy! Strip club videos rock!!This is a short video of what really happens in a strip club. You are not supposed to take videos inside of the girls dancing but this sneaky old man got away with it. Whenever you go to a strip club remember to always make sure you take you wedding ring off. Otherwise they see it as a sign of weakness and act like a shark when it tastes its first blood. This is one of the best short but sweet strip club videos.

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