Street Fights

Different street fights clips I found on the net and put them together in this video. There are some pretty brutal punches and kicks thrown in these awesome fights. Theres a different kind of energy in a backyard brawl that youll never get with trained fighters in the MMA or boxing. It feels like they have a lot more respect to lose and a lot more nervous energy that comes from not really being trained to fight super well. Theyre fighting just to let loose all of their pent up rage and frustration, and the crowd becomes this sort of atavistic spectator of something that we try to suppress in everyday life. Street fights are dangerous and forbidden and that makes them all the more alluring to our deepest instincts and unhealthy impulses of destruction and violence. They also make for a pretty sweet video, am I right? Or am I right?! Go far enough into the video and youll find some pretty brutal girl fights as well, which constitute a whole different group of prurient interests (well, mainly just tops coming o