Story- Dragon Slayer

Posted by ctznofwrld on Jul. 23, 2012

http-// For a longer version of this story- http-// Sounds Effects By 7.wav by adcbicycle -- http-// sword-01.wav by audione -- http-// lightsaber1.mp3 by gyzhor -- http-// Licensed under Creative Commons Zero 1.0 http-// There is a voice inside my head, it says horrid things. Most of the time, the triads are aimed at me. I call her my inner critic. You are stupid, worthless, a failure, she repeats in an endless flow. A waterwheel inside water. Whenever I sit down to write, she pops up out of nowhere and forces her perspective. What makes you think that you can write? she starts with a faint sarcastic whisper. There are talented writers who have written brilliant works of literature, think Carol Shields, think Tayeb Saleh. You are not one of them. You have nothing new to say. Everybody w

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