Story 2 Tell

Posted by JaPhenom on Jul. 02, 2011

This new Atlien will stir up the rap industry rightfully so, because he’s a soon to turn 18 year-old highschool graduate that goes by the name, “Pheonom-Alik”. As you listen to the Funky beats produced by Modu Shabaka, you will hear lyrics from this artist that you just don’t hear from youngbloods. According to Phenom, “I was not just born to play the games of this world, but born to bring my own game for this world to play…Can you dig it?” This video is titled, Story 2 Tell. JaPhenom passionately tells stories about events that occured in his life as a youth. With emotional lyrics and a funky sound u will enjoy this hot new artist out of Atlanta. The first 100 fans will be eligible to receive a free download at

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